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Welcome to The Worldwide Stove Masonry Company »Phoenix«!

Feel yourself free to write me about stove masonry deals. I only do my stove masonry business with you, as a professional man (Stove-man, a Master). If you would like to make a design or to build something of that kind – just make an Order by the links below. Our business goes for just men only. Remember about three first customers and the best ever offer I have made for them. Be one of them!

For vacancies to work in our company read at first my business plan on the main page and then send me your resumes or stories in your personal, family and professional lives in a free form, and tell me how you can see ways of our mutual development step by step. Be enthusiastic in this.

I am going also to teach your People to design and build the best natural Stove Masonry of Old Traditional Craftsmanship from the center of this artisan art at the North of the Rus-Lands.

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Telephone +7.901.546.15.09

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Печное Ремесло и Дело

Проектирование и Строительство:

Порфолио на сайте компании Очаг – смотри подробнее там 😉

Заказы, заявки и предложения отправляйте Мастеру, Константину Шипилову:

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Мастер-класс на выставке “Салон Каминов”

В этом видео помогаю класть трубу молодому ученику печника, а он снимает видео. Мастерок, конечно, не мой… Учу по ходу пьесы ребенка приёмам печной кладки (это он сам заложил нижние ряды):

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Прочность – Польза – Красота

Тепло – Уют – Комфорт

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Мастер печного ремесла,